James + Jack in Crazyland: The Adventure Begins

  • James + Jack in Crazyland: The Adventure Begins

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The first instalment of 'James + Jack in Crazyland', a comic adventure of epic proportions. 56 pages of action, adventure, drama and silliness!

Thirteen-year-old Jack lives in darkness, held captive and experimented on by the diabolical Doctor Tyburn and his mysterious, guarded assistant Hannah. His only hope is to escape out into Crazyland before he is given the monstrous powers of the Seventh Sense. Yet, from the shadows of his confinement, he could never have imagined how exciting, dangerous and bizarre the city that awaits him will be...

This special first issue includes the Prologue & Chapter 1, along with maps of Crazyland and Albion City and bonus pages with original sketches.